Have to pass a sit and reach flexibility test? Try this mobility circuit when stretching your hamstrings doesn’t work.

She makes this look easy.

Do you have to pass a sit and reach flexibility test, or have you been told that you can’t touch your toes because you have tight hamstrings? Sometimes hamstrings aren’t the problem. If you’ve tried working on your flexibility without any luck, try this 5 minute circuit instead – no hamstring stretching required!

In this video, we’ll go through an exercise circuit designed to increase your ability to touch your toes. 

First we will go over the exercises one by one, then we run through the circuit so that you can follow along and join in. 

The exercises: 

1. Rib lock rainbow breathing 

2. Foot rolling

3. Rib lock wall squat

Practice this circuit every day for at least a week and see if it helps!

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