How To Choose Compression Socks or Sleeves for Shin Splints

Many runners find compression socks or calf sleeves helpful to relieve shin splints pain. Both types of compression can work, but which one should you try first? Here are our recommendations:

Try compression socks first if: 

  1. You have swelling below the ankle bones
  2. You have tendon pain around the ankle bones
  3. You have other foot issues such as plantar fasciitis or achilles tendinitis

Try calf sleeves first if:

  1. You have large calf muscles that making sizing difficult
  2. You get sweaty feet or deal with a lot of blisters
  3. You have bunions (big toe deformity)

For more in-depth explanation, including how to select the right size socks or sleeves, watch the video:

Compression socks vs Compression sleeves

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