How to Get Back Into Strength Training After A High Hamstring Injury

Regaining leg strength after a high hamstring injury (strain, tendinitis, or tear) can be a tricky process. Not only does running cause hamstring pain, but so does squatting…and even just sitting in a chair!

Part of the problem is that the high hamstring tendon – located where your leg meets your butt – gets compressed around the pelvic bone (“sit bone”) every time you bend your hip or sit down.

So, in the early stages of regaining hamstring strength after an injury here, avoid compression of the tendon over the pelvic bone. This could be simple hamstring curls performed while lying in a prone (belly) position. Avoid seated hamstring curl machines. 

In later stages you can reintroduce strength exercises where the hip bends, such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges. It’s also a good idea to limit the amount of time you sit throughout your day until you are pain-free.

To help support the muscle and reduce pain, you can using a wrapping technique during workouts and activity. This video shows how to wrap a high hamstring versus a lower hamstring injury.

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