How to Stop Burning Shoulder Pain: T-Roll Exercise

Burning shoulder pain can be a really annoying, because the pain lingers even when you stop moving! In this video we show you a simple exercise you can do to relieve burning shoulder pain, and advice for when to get help.

T-Roll Exercise

In this video, Dave and I are going to show you a simple exercise you can do to relieve shoulder pain, especially burning shoulder pain.  It might have developed from something you did the day before with a lot of overhead activity or looking up.  The tricky thing about burning shoulder pain is that you really don’t know if it’s coming from the shoulder or the neck.  So if it lasts for more than a week or it’s getting worse, make sure you get checked out by a qualified healthcare provider that treats shoulder or neck injuries. 

We are going to teach you the T-Roll exercise. You are going to need a blanket or towel that you can roll up, and you are going to lay on it from your head all the way down to your tailbone that needs to be supported.  And when you’re in this position with your weight on it, it should be about 4 inches thick.  From this position you are going to take both arms out into a ‘T’ position with palms up.  Now, if you start getting tingling in your arms they’re too high, so you would drop them down a little. In this position you should feel a comfortable stretch through your chest. Knees are bent and feet are flat on the floor.  The second part of the setup is going to be to tuck your chin, just nod it little bit to make your neck as long as possible and squeeze your shoulder blades slightly into the fabric to open up the chest a little more.

From here you are going to start the roll. Take your right foot across over your left knee and send both knees over to the left. As the knees go over you’re going to keep the right shoulder and arm down and in contact with the floor to feel a nice comfortable stretch to the shoulder and upper chest.  Stay here for a moment and bring the legs back to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions to one side.  Replace your feet.  You’ll do the other side, 10 repetitions again.  Both knees come to the opposite side, keep the left shoulder down. You can always do more repetitions on the side that feels tighter.

Now if this exercise is going to work for you you should feel release of shoulder pain.  If you’re not then you want to spend more time in this drill, so you would just stay here in this T position for 5 minutes and then do your repetitions of the roll following that.  You want to do that three times a day for at least a week to see if this exercise is working.  If it makes your pain worse stop and again make sure you see a qualified healthcare professional.

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Do you having burning shoulder pain that keeps coming back? There are many structures between the neck and the shoulder itself that could be causing your shoulder pain. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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