Recovery Day Ritual: A 24-hour Plan to Reboot Your Body

This article was originally published in The Raider Patch: Magazine of the U.S. Marine Raider Association

Coach Lombardi was right – while pushing our limits is how we grow, exhaustion at the wrong time can undermine our efforts when the time comes to perform. If you want to go hard, you need a solid recovery plan to maintain mental and physical resilience while mitigating overuse injuries that will take you down. 

The easiest way to bake rest into your schedule is to employ a recovery day ritual. Note that this time period is not just a rest break but includes strategic elements that directly influence your performance. Including these essential pit stops in your training schedule allows your body to recover and rebuild, setting the stage for more robust and more effective training sessions ahead.

Here is a basic recovery day program that hits all the fundamentals – rest, hydration, nutrition, modalities, and movement – and has proven successful for many athletes and operators. Task order isn’t too important; just hit as many elements as possible to help repair your muscles, refresh your mind, and reduce your risk of injuries. With a little planning, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle your next intense training session with a full tank!

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