Success Stories

Mark C.

“Rita is by far one of the best I have seen in this field. Very knowledgeable, far ahead of her peers in using leading edge technology for her patients, and is very through in analysis/diagnosis of the problem and always, always finds a solution that fits the need of the patient. Rita helped get me back and running in a short period of time (days) using creative methods instead of months that other PTs would have taken. She achieved great results working on our MARSOC operators allowing them to quickly get back into full operational status. Wish we had more PTs like Rita out there!”

Donovan S.

“I was suffering from a ruptured disc in my lower back at L4-L5 and also a bulging disk at L-5 S-1.  These were injuries caused by 32 years on active duty in the Marine Corps and were exacerbated by vertical loading such as carrying a heavy backpack or conducting the heavy loading required for events such as a fireman’s carry during the combat fitness testing.    Shortly before going to see Dr. Chorba at physical therapy I was unable to function normally and was looking into pain management and possibly surgery.  I was sure that I was going to have to retire immediately.  I had tried physical therapy before through military medicine and honestly I found the experience un-helpful. The first big difference that I noticed with Rita was that her level of competence is exceptional, this is clearly manifested in her ability to tell you the most complicated and nuanced medical jargon with a very easy to digest layman’s explanation tied in.  A close second is her enthusiasm for her work coupled with a genuine care for the patient.  She employed what I would consider state of the art therapeutic techniques on several problems for me, including my back, my shoulder, and an issue I was having with my hip flexors.  All improved dramatically.  After working with her for several weeks, and then continuing to do the exercises she prescribed for about 6 months after, I was back on my feet, back in the gym, and living a normal healthy lifestyle.    I did not have to retire immediately as I thought, I avoided pain management and no longer require heavy doses of anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Patricia N.
CNA Corp

“Top notch professional and incredibly knowledgeable. Rita got me on the road to recovery from a knee injury after sports medicine doc said PT “wouldn’t do much” and that I’d need to rely on cortisone shots to manage the pain. I’ve been pain free with full range of motion back for 2 years now.”

Justin W.
US Navy

“Rita is 100% committed to getting you back in the fight! She works to find treatment options that work for you. I always feel valued whether in office or on the move. She uses her experience to tailor your recovery plan. The attention to detail, the one on one focus are superior. Rita got to the root of my injury. This Sailor is back in the fight and feeling 100% better.

Kevin J.

“I was under Rita’s care for the better part of a year after sustaining 3 herniated discs in my back.  The quality of care was such that I was able to avoid surgery & completely remove all prescriptions from my pain management regimen and return to full duty.  Following treatment, I maintained top scores of physical fitness and combat fitness tests and was medically cleared for a final combat deployment prior to retiring from the Marine Corps.  I would recommend Rita to anyone looking to remain at peak performance.”

Chad W.

“As a Marine, I spent my career from 2006-2016 in kit and carrying heavy things long distances. After four deployments in units 1/7, 3/6, and finally Marine Special Operations School house, my body was ailing from years of wear and tear. My low back (L4, L5, S1) were my main complaints had been radiating from. Slowly, and with Rita’s expertise, we began finding the total cost of not listening to my body for a decade. Rita was a one stop shop. She was able to work alignment, dry needles, cups, strength and conditioning, along with a holistic and multi-symptom approach. Not only was she able to help me sustain what I had post injury, but she took the time to ask about my diet and home treatment plan that I still use in my daily routine 2 years after getting out. Many of the methods that Rita uses have allowed me to keep my medication consumption at a minimum. Rita’s attention to detail and in-depth understanding of the needs that high functioning war fighters must have to be operational is second to none.

The most impressive and important thing that Rita was able to bring was her innate ability to diagnose an injury pre-MRI and be 100% correct in her assessment as to what she believed to be the injury. She diagnosed my left and right shoulder SLAP tears precisely, along with the L4, L5, and S1 trauma. In my transition, her thorough notes and medical documentation was the key to success when fighting for my benefits with the VA and Medical Retirement PEB.

I would recommend anyone who is not getting what they want out of PT, or an assessment, to give Rita and Dave a chance. If your goal is to find an expedited way to heal and keep your body operationally sound and deployable, this is who I would trust. To this day I still joke that I wish I had a Rita so that I could get everything at one location with one professional. Instead I now have to use multiple civilian services weekly from Chiropractic, mobility therapy, cupping and acupuncture.”

Sakshi S.
US Navy

“I was having right shoulder pain and some neck pain after a lifting injury. I had poor access to care at another clinic and was not sure of the severity of the injury. Rita and David were thorough in their assessment and treatment planning. Treatments are individualized and evidence-based and spot on with modifications!!!  I got better and was able to not only pass but do well on my fitness exam despite the injury! Rita and David are so accommodating and available to help! They are so brilliant. They truly know what the heck they are talking about, doing and having their clients do!”

Joe M.

“The initial problems that lead me to Rita & Dave was chronic back and shoulder pain that was affecting my ability to work. Being a 50 year old former Special Operations Marine with 6 shoulder and 3 back surgeries the chronic pain was not only causing me to miss work opportunities as an Independent Military Contractor it was effecting my quality of life.  

The biggest obstacle that kept me from seeking treatment sooner was me think I could manage the pain myself with the advice and treatment from my primary care provider.  Before going to Rita & Dave I had been to several pain management treatment facilities, taken several epidural injections, several Radiofrequency Ablation treatments, Botox injections, pain medication, muscle relaxers, and tons of rolling and stretching.  

What I like best about Rita & Dave was they not only taught me a lot about how to manage pain. But changed the way I thought and helped me understand the importance pain prevention techniques. They taught me the importance of being able to Quantify Mechanical Stress (QMS) so I was able to train and maintain my physical abilities without constantly suffering from chronic pain. The more I understood and better I got at QMS the less pain I experienced.  

My number one goal was to get my pain to manageable levels so that I could continue working in the Special Operations community as well as enjoy a pain free quality of life. Rita & Dave were paramount in accomplishing all of my pain management and pain prevention goals.  

I was 50 when I first started receiving treatment from Rita & Dave, at that time and currently I’m an Instructor for Marines Special Operations School Assessment and Selection Phase One. One of our primary duties is physical fitness development and as instructors we must be able to run, hike with a 50lbs Military ALICE pack and preform all types of physical exercises.  At age 56 with Rita & Dave’s help and knowledge I have no problem and will be able to preform these duties well in to my 60’s if I chose to do so.”

Chris F.

“For years, I had recurring nerve pinching in my upper back and chronic lower lumbar stiffness, both of which seemed to be linked to sharp neck pain. The pain was debilitating and my recovery plan consisted of staying physically inactive for as long as it took for the pain to go away. It was difficult sleeping, my spinal range of motion was diminished, and the pain also discouraged me from working out.  I had lost faith in military medicine – I had gone into the hospital and clinics several times over the years.  I tried stretching, ignoring the problem, chiropractic adjustments, and of course, ibuprofen/changing my socks (thanks doc).

Rita was always a straight shooter and very passionate about the investigation process. It was relieving to be able to go straight to one person instead of going through a rather arduous walk-in / appointment process with which service members are familiar. Rita also has 17 college degrees and calls each nerve-ending by name, so with that power was able to articulate where my pain was and educate me throughout the PT process.  I found in my case, Rita ensured I understood the science behind my pain and our sessions were very effective for future pain prevention. I wanted to know what was causing the strain whether bad posture, lack of exercise, not enough of the right exercise, poor lifting form, etc. I learned what the causes were and now when these pains occur (they resurface from time to time), I know what to do.”