Have you felt uncomfortable in your running shoes, but haven’t figured out why?

Get the book that teaches you exactly how to evaluate any running shoe. Learn a step-by-step process you can follow so that you’ll be confident in your shoe selection. No more trying to make sense of the latest ad or celebrity endorsement!

Physical therapist Rita Chorba and strength coach David Chorba share a field-tested system for finding the right running shoes, born out of two decades of helping thousands of runners, including weekend warriors, military service members, and Olympic medal holders. 

You’ll also learn the answers to common questions like: 

  • I have foot pain. Could it be coming from my running shoes?
  • I have flat feet. Do I need to buy arch supports?
  • I’m a little overweight. Do I need more cushioning?

If you’re frustrated with the endless trial and error and money wasted trying to find the right running shoes, this book can help!